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Is Mobile CRM the future?

How many companies actually use mobile CRM? And for those who use it, how many have it tacked on to their business strategy as something on the side? And how many have an actual, thorough business strategy for its usage? It could be just me, but save for a couple, most of the CRM implementations […]

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Removing all unmanaged customizations from a solution component

You can remove all unmanaged customizations from a solution component. This is very handy if somebody did some customizations in your managed environment and you want to revert it. Having unmanaged customizations on managed components can be really annoying as they overrule your managed changes. This blog will show how to do this via the […]

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Query Builder Error: The attribute was not found in the MetadataCache

I was trying to export a Solution from Dynamics 365 CE / Dynamics CRM to deploy into the next environment, but instead I got a Query Builder Error: The specified field does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Looking into the log file I saw the following message: The attribute with AttributeId = ‘21549767-ae60-4fa6-9d88-a21146141b5f’ was […]

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Setting up basic Build Automation for Dynamics CRM in VSTS

Setting up automated build is pretty simple using available tooling from Microsoft and the community. This blog wil describe how to setup basic build automation using VSTS. It will export your solution(s) and create a build artifact containing them. In future blogs I will describe to set it up for more advanced scenarios, but this […]