Issue fix for Chrome ‘infinite’ loading bug

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The reason why you are reading this blog is probably that you are annoyed by the infinite loading circle in your Chrome browser when opening a custom entity in CRM.

I can’t tell you why this is happening only how to fix it, but looking at the errors on the page learns us that Chrome deprecated the Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the custom entity itself. In the older version then 74 this problem does not occur.

It’s nice that they give you some information about the detrimental effects regarding the user experience….

It looks like it’s only occurring on the custom entities. So when you’re for example on the contact account and navigate to a custom entity (ex. bank account) its look like its loading, but it turns out to be a never-ending loop.

Pressing F5 once will fix the issue for the moment but when you need to do this a 100 times a day you will get frustrated and therefore late for dinner that your wife/husband made with love.
We need to fix this!

Let go into the nitty-gritty stuff of this blog!, how to fix this issue (#Workaround) until Chromium fixes it themselves in a newer version of our favorited browser. I’ve got 2 solutions for you.

Solution 1:

Please check solution 2 first to determine which solution works best for you.

In this solution, we will change the settings and give CRM permission to use the older view version of the form.

1. Please navigate to settings > management (under system)

2. Then open in the management menu the system settings.

3. Scroll all the way down in the submenu General.
Click YES to use the old view for forms.

4. Press OK to save the new settings. This solution will improve the performance time regarding loading custom entities.

There is a BUT with this solution. If you use JavaScript to notify the user with an error on the onload of the form (on a field) the error itself can get buggy sometimes.

Solution 2:

The following solution is perhaps a better solution if you have a lot of JavaScript on the onload form.

1. First, open the custom entity were the loading issue occurs and open the form editor.

2. Now go to form properties in the form editor.

3. Within the Form library, we need to add a (random) JavaScript file. This will trigger the onload of the form. The performance will get an extra push and therefore will load faster.

We do not need to add an EventHandler.

4. Check if the JS is added to the library and press OK to confirm.

5. Do not forget to Save and Publish the form.

Hopefully, this blog will help you with this annoying issue.
If not….. we need to wait for Chromium to help us improve our live standards and make us happier people.

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